#OneTeamGovGlobal…. Welcome to The Heart

  • Care deeply about citizens
  • Be diverse and inclusive
  • Experiment and iterate
  • Take practical action
  • Work in the open and positively
  • Work across borders
  • Embrace technology
  • Setting our intentions: Two colleagues have created a wall for people to interact with images and consider their intentions for the day.
  • Opening and closing ceremonies: We’ll all be together, connected, in the Heart, twice today.
  • “Heartbeat mapping”: Want to discuss some ideas that extend beyond the agenda we set this morning? Join us for a guided exercise to map our assumptions, patterns, and insights through a guided exercise. These will shape eight breakout sessions taking place later this afternoon.
  • Reflective Practices: I opened a conversation a while back about what questions people use when they reflect on their experiences. We have collected what people shared, and have posted the installation — with space to add more!
  • Sharing a piece of ourselves: Who are we and what inspires us? People have shared quotes and images that reflect who they are. We’ve posted what we have so far, and welcome additions to the wall.
  • LEGO: Who plays with lego? Who’s into serious play? Want to add some dimension to your discussions? Come by and grab a bin.
  • Campfire: Want to unpack something you heard? Continue a conversation? Come sit at our “fire”. Participants have come from around the world, and we want to make sure there is space for meaningful conversation.
  • Campfire conversations: Colleagues from the Centre for Public Impact, and the Privy Council Office, will share some recent thinking on legitimacy, engagement, and connecting with one another.
  • Creative practices: A talented colleague from Ontario will share an artistic practice with us. I have also heard a rumour that there may be dancing. Come by at 2:30 this afternoon to find out whether it is true.
  • Moving to action: Wondering what to do with your experience? Check out the Paper Plane Exchange, and our postcard station, which will both be underway at the end of the afternoon




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Susan Johnston

Susan Johnston

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