Weeknotes s01e01: “Ideas, not art”

  1. How to move from engaging with stakeholders primarily at points of necessity, to engaging as a regular way of doing business? Seeing the value is one thing. Shifting how you approach your work process and deliverables is another layer entirely. Then there is the no-small-matter of how to demonstrate that we are genuinely listening, in a way that affirms credibility, when we are doing so on behalf of an institution. More on that down the road.
  2. Supporting psychological safety in the workplace as a precondition for team effectiveness: How do we, as both colleagues and managers, support people when they disclose difficult or even traumatic situations? Mental Health First Aid can certainly help in some contexts, however we need to give some thought to tools to support the shift in attitudes towards a more open, healthier, work environment.




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Susan Johnston

Susan Johnston

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